Thursday, 10 July 2014


LES WALDROOP and his Carolinas
KB-81A - I Love Dixie   (No Publ.)
KB-81B - Moonlight’s A Wasting   (No Publ.)
Potter, WI

Les was born in April 1930 in Franklin, NC. After serving in the Korean war, he started playing in bands and writing songs for himself and anyone else who was looking for a tune to record. His first known disc was on Centennial Records (details unknown). He also cut at least one disc on Country Jubilee Records, based in Demorest GA. In between these two, he ended up on the tiny Potter label, from Potter WI. How this came about is a bit of a mystery. It's possible they were simply recorded in Georgia or NC and shipped out to the label.
Les is better known for "Got It Made(In The Shade)" release on Flop records - a Starday Custom from 1963.
Les passed away in 1989.

(Source: Jay Stern)

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