Saturday, 3 May 2014


KB-663A - Feeling Mighty Fine   (No Publ.)
               Wait A Little Longer   (No Publ.)
KB-663B - You Don't Have To Walk Alone   (No Publ.)
               Climbing Up The Mountain   (No Publ.)
Minneapolis, MN   (David Hersk)

I'd like to state that I have never, ever heard a bad record on Gaity. So I would very much like to hear these sides. The Label is known better for ferocious rockers, fiery instrumentals and some super-rare vocal group stuff. Not sure what this music is - Gospel? Country? You know, for a very small private operation, Mr Hersk always seemed to create a huge sound and the recordings always seem to be really high fidelity. 

Just had a thought, if some of the early Gaity records were issued a few years before (say 55 - 57) and some were issued on 78rpm speed - well - can you imagine "Bloodshot" by the String Kings on a 78? Would blow the cones in every speaker! 

Yet, it wasn't actually Mr Hersk who recorded these tracks. Although the session was booked, he was out of town. Here's what Mr Hersk had to say when asked by Derik Olsen:

"I was going out of town and my mom set up the recording date.  Since I was not there Joe Beck (who had American Recording Company on Washburn Ave South) did the recording and Kay Bank mastered and pressed it.  I had forgotten all about it, It must have been 1956 or 57."

Still, now that I've heard the record, I still stand by my "Not A Bad Record" on Gaity, even if it isn't the label owner behind the desk.

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