Monday, 27 May 2013

RIFF 1148

VILAS CRAIG and the Kollege Kings
Mar 59
KB-1148A - Spring Fever   (No Publ.)
KB-1148B - My One And Only Love   (No Publ.)
RIFF 1148
Madison, WI

Vilas made quite a few good records through the late 50's and 60's, but this is his first record release. He was born on a farm in Richland Center, Wisconsin on the 21st December 1938. At High School he learnt the coronet and started the Kollege Kings (what a coronet and Rock and Roll music have in common is beyond me at the moment). Although an avid Presley fan, his band had to play country, pop and the occasional polka as Rock and Roll hadn't really broken out in Wisconsin as yet (now I understand the coronet - I think). They recorded this record in April 1959 at Kay Bank on the same day as Robert Valline cut "Suzie Baby" for Soma Records. (Valline changed his name to Bobby Vee soon afterwards!)

Source: Terry Gordon

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