Monday, 27 May 2013


JIMMY WELLS' Dakota Round Up
KB-248A - Curley’s Tom Cat Boogie   (Northstar Publ.)
KB-248B - Hot Lips   (Northstar Publ.)
1936 University Ave, St Paul, MN

From Hillbilly (Country Song Roundup No. 22, February 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc., Derby, CT.)

Back around 1953 or so, Jimmy Wells and the Dakota Roundup became a name that meant tops in entertainment in the Minnesota area. Jimmy and his gang were the featured act at the "Midway Gardens", a nite-spot in St. Paul, Minnesota.
They worked there, six nights a week and have been drew capacity crowds night after night.
Mr. Wells played the role of DJ over at WCOW in South St. Paul and they wrote that his listeners were "...really hep to his broadcasts."
Jimmy was married to a country entertainer, Ardis Wells who achieved some bit of fame in her own right in the Twin Cities area. She had a band called the "Rhythm Ranch Gals" and they worked at the Flame Supper Club regularly in Minneapolis.

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