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BEN SWETT - Naomi Lidstrom, Nathalie Haag, Jack Haag
KB-208A - Gentle Hands   (No Publ.)
KB-208B - Bound For The Kingdom   (No Publ.)
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Nothing on these guys. I found a Naomi Lidstrom who died at the age of 85 in 1999 who played piano and organ which might be her. The bio .....

Obituaries: Naomi Lidstrom, 85, church organist

September 15, 1999
For 15 years, Naomi Lidstrom began services at Souls Harbor Calvary Temple in Minneapolis with a touch of the organ keys.
In the 1930s she wrote music for evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, who was the first woman to preach a sermon over the radio and who ran the largest welfare agency in Los Angeles during the Depression.
Lidstrom, 85, died Tuesday of natural causes at the Crystal Clear nursing home in Crystal, where she had lived since last year.
Her passion was sharing her music, said her brother, Curtis Young of Maple Grove.
In the 1930s she followed McPherson to Los Angeles and attended the Foursquare Bible School on a scholarship, said her daughter, Ruth Petersen of Fridley. She later became an ordained minister but didn't preach. Instead, her family said, her ministry was in music.
Lidstrom was born in North Dakota. Her family moved to Minneapolis in the 1920s.
As a girl, she used her mother's piano to learn how to play. Her mother also taught her how to read music.
For 20 years, Lidstrom was in a music group called the Young Trio, which consisted of her and her two sisters. They sang at local churches and at special functions. She later sang on her own and played at funerals and weddings.
Her daughter said she enjoyed playing the piano because she felt it would be "a blessing to other people."
Young said his mother taught him and his siblings to play the piano, but "Naomi was the one that really took on to it. She had a perfect pitch. Her whole life was dedicated to playing the piano."
He said his sister played until five years ago. "She played until she wasn't able to," he said.
In addition to her daughter and brother, Lidstrom is survived by another daughter, Sharon Bentley of Dallas, and four grandchildren.

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