Monday, 27 May 2013

SOMA 1047

FRITZIE LITTLE - Frankie Chermak Trio
KB-162A - After You’re Gone   (Joe Davis Inc)
KB-162B - Banjo Boogie Blues   (No Publ.)
SOMA 1047
119 North 9th St, Minneapolis, MN   (Amos Heilicher)

"Below are two photos of Fritzie Little. Below is an email I received from one of her daughters, Stef .

I did not know that Frankie was a Polka band?  I'll bet some of my sisters will get a chuckle out of that!  She was typically Jazz and we thought the only other music she did then was for television commercials, soap ads, etc. back in the 50's and 60's, "Jingle's" she would call them.  
The photo attached is my Mother "Fritzie Little" with her band "Roy King's Komi-Kings".  Not quite sure what in the World Komi-Kings meant or was about but Roy is the one on the left.   I believe this was 1952.
Thank you for your assistance, greatly appreciated.  We have found her on eBay.  Advertising fliers that used to be mailed out, for the old Magic Bar South Minneapolis where Roy King's band, and my Mom, performed regularly.  So we do check around from time to time and we all wish we wouldn't have ruined her old 78's... Darn kids anyway!  

Thanks again and feel free to use the band photo if you wish.  Immortalize our Mom... that would be nice!  I would have to ask my sisters if they recall Real Information, details, on her music career because I had no idea about Polka records, I just remember Roy King's group."

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  1. I am trying to locate 45's of my mother, "Fritzie Little" w/any musical group. I am her eldest child and remember rehearsals for her act w/Roy King/Comikings Band at the Magic Bar in SMpls. She passed right after her 90th birthday last November and I would like to find any of her records -- she did not have copies herself. I am not sure if I am dong this right -- not very savvy w/computers -- just my laptop - no facebook, etc. Leslie Ann