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KB-197A – When He Reached Down His Hand
KB-197B – It Pays To Serve Jesus
Minneapolis, MN

Menaldino was born in New York City to Battista Menaldino and the former Adeline Didero. He spent most of his childhood in Flushing, N.Y., and attended Flushing High School. He entered the Army Air Corps as World War II was winding down and trained as a pilot. When the service decided it didn't need any more pilots, he trained in communications. The war ended before he could be deployed overseas.
"He was an incredible character," said his son, Dr. Stephen Menaldino. "He was a guy who never said a bad word about anyone, ever. He was very wise and practical, very smart, but very humble."
As a musician, Edward Menaldino first studied the trumpet and the piano, then began to sing. His records are "Nearing The Shore," "A Time to Weep and a Time to Rejoice," and "Dimension."  After the Air Corps, he entered Central Bible College & Seminary, in Springfield, Mo., earning two degrees, and also studied at the University of Minnesota.
Menaldino wrote extensively for Pentecostal publications and was the principal speaker at major family camps of the Assemblies of God of Canada, as well as several family camps in the U.S. His ministering included major cities in Northern India, Germany and Poland. As a frequent visitor to Italy, he was the speaker for the national annual conventions of the Assemblies of God of Italy. He was fluent in Italian and spoke some French. Menaldino was guest soloist in many churches of various denominations, and was a frequent guest at Youth for Christ in Bismark, N.D.
He married the late Dorothy R. Holmgren in 1948.
Besides his son, he is survived by two daughters, Sharon Menaldino and Rachel Cavicchia, and six grandchildren.

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