Thursday, 21 February 2013

NORTH STAR 2005 (Updated 02 Aug 2014)

KB-39A - Red Wing   (BMI)
KB-39B - The Chicago Waltz   (BMI)
1936 University Ave, St Paul, MN

(From Oktoberfest Website - a festival of Polka and Big Band Music)

Little Fisherman Orchestra 
The Little Fishermen Orchestra was originated by Mr. Norm Wilke from Le Sueur MN. Wilke operated the band for around twenty years before retiring the library in 1968. This Library remained in the Wilke basement for thirty years before it was purchased by myself, Gordy Prochaska. I now operate the band and play in South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona and Minnesota. The Little Fishermen consist of eight band members. Concertina, drum, bass, two trumpets, and three sax and clarinet... Our specialty is old time md big band music. After obtaining the Wilke Library in 1998 we have produced eight old time cd's and a Christmas cd, and I am now working on our tenth old time cd. The Little Fishermen is one of the few bands still in operation that offers the great high quality sound of polka music as it was played in the hay day of old time music. The Little Fishermen orchestra has the privilege of having four band directors as members, and at times six. This makes things a whole lot easier for me. I hope you enjoy our music as we like playing it and I look forward to meeting you at some upcoming engagements, Gordy Prochaska, bandleader of the Little Fishermen